The Transformation T-shirt is an organic cotton T-shirt with a semi-transparent pocket at the front. The idea is to slot in different prints in the pocket, so that your T-shirt is updated without the need to buy a new one. The Transformation T-shirt comes with a set of two prints for you to enjoy your new approach to slow fashion. 

Tip: Once you have chosen your two prints, it is quick and easy to swap them whenever you need to. Just take the first one out and slot the next one in the front pocket. The pocket is lined, so you have no need to worry - you can do the swift change anywhere, at any time!

IMG-20190518-WA0026 (1).JPG
IMG-20190518-WA0027 (1).JPG
IMG-20190518-WA0029 (1).JPG

Styling: You've chosen the print you feel like today - now you're all set. Style with a printed skirt for a summery chic look or with a pair of classic jeans for a more casual feel. It's up to you - because you should be able to express yourself with your clothes!