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It's no secret that the fashion industry has a negative social and environmental impact. However, it is very easy to forget about it when the temptation is constantly in front of us - new collections, eye-catching trends, huge bargains, cheap outfits.

According to the House of Commons report ‘Fixing Fashion: clothing consumption and sustainability’, the UK buys more clothes per person than any other country in Europe. To accommodate that habit, Fashion Revolution reveals that an estimated 300,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill every year. But this is not the end… WRAP shares with us that the production of fibres (and respectively textiles) by polymer extrusion or agriculture makes the largest contribution to the carbon footprint of clothing. And the list goes on…


Image credit: Fashion Revolution

There are many advancements in technology that can be used in the industry - creating new fabrics, using 3D printing, creating software that enables you to try on clothes before you buy them online. Unfortunately often the new developments are hard to access or too expensive even for the big brands to accommodate. That’s why we believe that change needs to be implemented in other ways as well – we need to change the way we design products and we need to change the way we consume them.

This is where we start. We know that sometimes you will actually need new clothes. We also know that you like to look good and feel good. We are aware that your lifestyle changes constantly as well – you have a new job, you change social groups, you create a family. So we wanted to create clothes that would suit all of the above and yet wouldn’t harm the environment. We wanted to create clothes that last and can be worn a number of times, while looking different every time. We wanted to create clothes that would make you forget about the 10 new fast fashion pieces that you are now tempted to buy and will help you help the environment by buying less and consuming better.


Thinking about the increasingly popular fast fashion, we started thinking about what has been popular through the years. Naturally, our thoughts wandered towards the world of classic bespoke tailoring - where quality is key; each piece is considered an investment and is made to last for a long time.

Why we find it so inspiring? Bespoke tailoring was designed to fit your body like a glove and give you a chic, empowered look. It was made specifically for you - to suit your needs, to be altered and mended whenever you needed to do so.

We wanted to take this approach and give it a modern twist. We wanted to give you garments that you will treasure, because you have a connection with them and you know the meaning behind them, but we didn't want them to cost you a fortune. We wanted to give you the freedom to re-design and change your look whenever required without the need to buy new items. The feeling of ownership of what you wear. The confidence of changing your styling and size without being dependent on what the high street can offer.

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