The reversible skirts have a classic shape, which is designed to be versatile and suitable for a number of occasions - from a walk in the park, through brunch with friends, to work and travel. We offer a variety of colour combinations - white and blue, white and beige, white and blue check and black and teal.

Tip: The chunky zip at the front makes it easy to swiftly reverse your skirt and transform your look with a new colour. 

Shhh... We have a secret! If you can't find the colour combination that you'd like, get in touch and we will make it for you!

Styling: The reversible skirt is as versatile as it gets. Style it with a T-shirt, a tank top or a shirt. Finish the look off with trainers, boots, sandals or high heels - it's all up to your taste and feel for the day!

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