The Re-design me top comes as a set of four separate pieces - three of them get put together via the hidden poppers. When you fancy a change, you replace the middle part with your extra panel and you're all set with a different look.

Tip 1: When using the panel with the round neck, close all poppers at the back, but leave the front poppers at least on one side undone from high waist to hem. This will make it easier for you to put on. Just close the remaining poppers once the top is on.


Tip 2: When using the asymmetric panel, close all poppers at the back, starting from the hook-and-eye down. Close the front poppers on the left side as worn, starting from the hem up. Leave the front right poppers undone. This will make it easier for you to put the top on. Once on the body, close the remaining poppers from the hem up. Enjoy the fabric's soft touch and your fabulous look!


That's it! Now it's time to style yourself the way you like and enjoy your first step in this new multifunctional sustainable fashion journey. Enjoy!