BUILD YOUR OWN Organic Reverible Skirt

BUILD YOUR OWN Organic Reverible Skirt



A reversible skirt with a chunky zip at the front. The ideal product for those looking for a swift change between looks and are interested in sustainable fashion. Also a great help when packing for your holiday and a staple piece for your wardrobe!


Step 1: Choose your shape and preferred length from the options.

Step 2: Choose two colours for your reversible design. 

Step 3: Voila! We will make your skirt to order within 7 business days!


Please refer to the colours in the photos, NOT the digital drawings. Those are for illustrative purposes only. Please note colours may vary slightly.


Designed and independently made in the UK to give you a fashionable look and a sustainable item in one.


Can't find your size?  Get in touch and we will make you one with your measurements,