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Today we are talking about skincare with Theresa from Skin Alchemists. Read on to find out about her amazing natural skincare range and how she developed her insightful knowledge on the topic.

Please could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I’m from the Caribbean island of St Lucia, a mum and I currently live in London. My professional background is in human resources, however after having my daughter two years ago I’ve now refocused my efforts on following my dreams developing Skin Alchemists.

How did you develop an interest in natural skincare?

I’ve always been obsessed with skincare on the whole from as long as I can remember and was forever mixing potions for myself or interestingly enough mixing other skincare brands together for better results. I’m that person who used to have a 12 step daily skincare routine. My interest into natural skincare however was triggered by a desire to live a more holistic lifestyle when I reconnected with the healing power of plants during a health condition. I wanted to feed my skin as I did the rest of my body, with nutrient rich food. Most times when we make healthier lifestyle choices and healthy food swaps, we forget that our skin is the body’s largest organ and should also be considered in the mix. In terms of skincare, what I wanted just wasn’t on the market so I used all what I had learned on my journey along with my childhood experience and knowledge passed down to me by my herbalist grand aunt to formulate essentially what I refer to as plant medicine for skin.

What's the inspiration behind the brand?

To create skincare which is whole, natural, unadulterated and most importantly efficacious. Above all it has to work. I want to change the perception that natural plant based skincare does not work by formulating products which contain the right ingredients in optimal ratios to deliver results.

Would you like to tell us more about how you make your products?

All my products are based on plant medicine. I don’t follow trends in terms of ingredients. I rely on plants which have been used by herbalist, healers, alchemists for centuries to successfully treat skin conditions. Just think about that handed down potion from your grandmother which just worked! I use whole plant infusions which capture the full spectrum of plant nutrients and throw in the mix aromatherapy to also work with the users mental well-being.

What does sustainability mean to you and what’s your take on it?

Sustainability has become such as broad term that I am not sure we can ever be 100% sustainable. I do however ensure that Skin Alchemists is as responsible as can be and work towards having the lowest impact on the environment. We source ingredients from responsible farmers or cooperatives, our packaging is recyclable as is our shipping material. Most of our products are still hand blended which mean we don’t waste anything. Whatever carbon footprint we have is offset by tree planting initiatives. All of this we do as a matter of principle and not to be trendy or as a marketing ploy.

Which product is your favourite and why?

That totally depends on what’s happening around me at the time or my current skin condition. I’m a SAD sufferer and really struggling with both the mental impact of lockdown coupled with the dark, gloomy and cold days. My current go to product is an aromatherapy oil I’m perfecting to help balance my mood and anxiety. Our facial elixir Sesenne is one product I and so many of our customers can never do without. It is the most plant nutrient rich product with helps with so many skin concerns and smells amazing!

What do you like most about making skincare products?

Getting to play with these fresh botanicals and seeing where it fits in my arsenal.

Thank you, Theresa, for chatting to us and sharing your insights about natural skincare! It’s been such a pleasure to find out more about the topic, about yourself and your brand.

You can find out more about Skin Alchemists on their website

Be sure to follow their Instagram account too on @skinalchemists

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