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The reversible skirt

The reversible skirt

A reversible skirt with a chunky metal zip at the front. Comes in white on one side and a variety of colours on the reverse.

Skirt measurements.png

The classic reversible skirt

An above-the-knee skirt with a chunky zip at the front and pockets in the black face. Comes in thin black on black stripe and dark turquoise on the reverse.

The Personalise me dress

The personalise Me dress

A short-sleeved dress with hidden poppers that allow you to change its front panel and wear it for completely different occasions.

dress measurement.jpg
The Re-Design Me top

The Re-design Me Top

A classic white top with hidden poppers that allow you to change the design completely and adjust the look depending on your needs.

top measurement.jpg

The Flower T-shirt

An organic version of the staple T-shirt, embellished with handmade bamboo silk flowers.

The Transformation T-shirt

A reinvention of the classic printed T-shirt. This one comes with 2 different prints for the front, which can be changed at any time.

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