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This service aims to support you on your sustainable fashion journey by giving the forgotten pieces in your wardrobe a new life. It is a one-to-one FREE 30-minute consultation where you choose three pieces from your wardrobe that you don’t wear anymore for whatever reason. We will go through them and come up with the best ways to bring them back to life, ensuring that they will become pieces you will wear with joy. We will share styling ideas, alteration suggestions, repairing tips or complete re-design ideas for your pieces.



Our client had this dress handmade in Vietnam. She loved the piece but didn’t fit her quite right. It folded a lot in the waist area creating an unflattering effect. The back was also fully closed, which made the dress very hot to wear at events.



We removed the excess fabric around the waist to create a smooth look. We also opened the top back and replaced the zip with a shorter one. Lastly, we created a little fastening at the back collar to keep it closed when worn.



Our client had this top that just wasn’t functional enough for her. The metal trim was too out there for her liking and its weight was causing the fabric to tear. The lady, however, really liked our handmade rose design and asked us to replace the metal trim it… And what a change that was!

White top metal trim.jpg


We used remnants of fabric used in an old project to create five intricate roses. They were then hand-sewn to the top after repairing the small holes that the metal trim had created. The top will now sit perfectly with a dark pair of trousers or skirt – an interesting detail added to a smart look.


Here's what to expect

Choose three pieces that you don't wear anymore for any reason. Book your free session with us. During the video call, let us know why you don't wear the chosen clothes and we will suggest how to make them wearable again. Like in the video below.


Ailis - FASHforward Founder (September 2020)

' I really enjoyed my virtual wardrobe tutorial service with Radina, which gave a new lease of life to 5 of my chosen items from my wardrobe that I was no longer wearing. 

Radina shared her expert styling, aftercare and tailoring advice to ensure I could start wearing these items again. Her tailoring advice meant that I can now wear two of my favourite items again as Radina offered her tailoring services as an add-on to the session. Such a sustainable idea to maximise the value we get from our existing wardrobes. Would highly recommend this service! '

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