The brand Radina Radeva is focusing on products that are designed to last and withstand the changes of trends and tastes through time. The roots of inspiration lie in the rage towards the extensive over-consumption in the fashion industry. We strive to create better products and transform the industry. We aim to re-shape it by designing clothes that fit around your lifestyle and change with it. Designed with removable panels that can be changed to transform and personalise each look; enhanced with reversible fastenings to create two-in-one pieces, which last a lifetime.

Our approach is personal – the starting point for designing is our client and her lifestyle. We want to give women the opportunity to be part of the design process and part of this sustainable journey towards a better, more mindful future. The clothes we make are designed to build a connection - to be treasured and loved because of the freedom they give.


We pride ourselves in being ethical – all our items are handmade in London or made in certified factories. We are big on sustainability - we encourage mending of clothing that you already own by offering alterations service. To avoid unnecessary over-production, we offer a made-to-measure option to accommodate all shapes and sizes. We believe in value, rather than sales, and we want to give you what you need on your mindful journey - be it a product, a service or support.


We commit to consistently explore design innovation in order to create the multi-functionality our customers need. Our products are designed to save space, give you a variety of options and care about the environment. They are created to give you the opportunity to be a part of a new way of re-inventing fashion. Our pieces will always be designed with you in mind. The brand is trying to break the norm by providing a fun solution to the fashion over-consumption problem.


As a brand that strives to reduce the need to over-consume as well as its contribution to waste, we try our best to avoid producing too much. The first step is to carefully choose our suppliers - ensuring they have ethical practices in place and also making sure that they don't oblige us to buy high minimum quantities that might remain unused. We are a small brand and we are starting small - by producing our items by hand. We try to stick to a limited standard size range, purely to avoid cutting fabric for pieces that might not find a home. However, we love women of all shapes and sizes! That is why we are happy to make any of our pieces in a different size to what we have in stock- big or small. Just get in touch and we will arrange this for you as quickly as possible.

The majority of items in our range are handmade in London, while the ones that are not, have been responsibly sourced through our suppliers, who work with certified, regularly inspected factories across the world, and have assured us of their ethical practices.


This year we joined the 2020 Circular  Fashion Pledge. We committed to expanding our multi-functional range by 50% in order to offer our clients more opportunities to engage with the idea and create a more various wardrobe without buying too much. Feel free to get in touch if you want to find out more about our efforts to achieve this.


We also committed to encouraging you to alter items that you already own and to working with vintage stores by offering them alterations services, which will make their products suitable to a wider range of customers. Get in touch if you are interested in our alterations service - we offer free quote and advice on any alteration.

If you are a vintage shop owner - please get in touch! We'd love to talk to you about possible collaborations and how we can help!

Radina is the designer behind the brand name Radina Radeva. Her fashion journey started in Cardiff, Wales where she did her BA(Hons) Fashion Design degree, focusing on garment design and innovation, pattern cutting and construction. This is where she found her love and fascination for sustainability, which turned into her main focus and inspiration.

Her professional experience started by interning for the great Vivienne Westwood, after which she transferred to work for suppliers where she learned about production methods and the womenswear market. Her experience has expanded to the luxury bespoke world where items are adjusted to the specific needs of each customer and challenges are faced every day.


Designed by Radina Radeva

Photo credit to Diamantino Santos and Nicholas Cosla

Models Cristina Bu, Romy Bank and Christina Snellgrove


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